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Letters to friends and family...

Just some little letters to let you know how i feel about u all!

I am so proud of how much you are learning and how caring and loving u are to people, especially your friends and family.  You are such a smart, beautiful, wonderful little girl and I am very proud that u are my daughter.  Keep on doing what u have been, I know u will be such a beautiful, smart, caring young woman!  I love you lots babygirl!!
Hey princess!  I want you to know that I am so proud of the big girl you have become.  You are learning lots of new things everyday and I am so amazed at how fast u learn some things.  I love you lots princess! 
Hey girlie, I just want u to know that I am very glad that I met u! You are such an awesome person and so much more than just a friend.  You are like a sister to me.  You have helped me through alot of hard decisions I have had to make, u have been there just to let me vent, u have watched my girls for me when I needed a break so I could see Johnny, and u have made me smile when all I wanted to do was cry.  Thank you for being there for me the way u have!  Luv ya lots!!!

You are the most awesome guy that I have ever met!  You have made my life so much better just by knowing you, and by being with you, u have made me feel so complete.  You are everything that I have wanted in a man...funny, caring, loving, supportive, so much that I can't name it all.  I love you with my whole heart and soul and I can't imagine you not being in my life.  I love you baby, always and forever!! :)
Hey, you are like a brother to me and I am very glad that I met you.  You were the one that was there when I needed someone last winter.  U have helped me get through alot and u mean alot to me!  I love you bro!!
U have been there more times than I can count to pick up broken pieces.  I can't begin to thank u enough.  You have let me cry to you and when I needed someone you never turned your back on me.  You will always have a special place in my heart.  Thank u for all that you have done!  I hope we will always stay friends!! Luv ya!

We have been friends for ever, actually more like sisters.  U have been there for me through so much..good times and bad.  You have been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, and u always know what to say when I need a pick me up.  You make me laugh when it seems the whole world is about to end, and you have made me realize that life isnt always about whether we have a man or not.  I love you so much sis, and I really appreciate all that you have done for me through all these years.  I hope we have tons more to come! Luv ya sis!
I have known you since you were just a tiny screaming baby, and have loved you like a sister just as long.  I am so proud of what you are doing with you life, of your dreams and goals.  I can't wait for the day that you come back so we can hang out.  I really regret not spending more time with you before u left!  You have always been like a lil sis to me, and I love you!
Hey girlie, wow it's been years for us too!  I know that we dont always agree on things but I am glad that you are in my life.  You have been there for alot of good and bad, and i hope that u will be there for more.  I love you sis!

To: Brandon, Adam and anyone else I haven't mentioned yet...You all have done something to help me along the way, Adam, you have been there so many times to answer questions, give advice, help me with things or just to listen when I needed someone, thank u, u really mean alot to me! Brandon, I have known you for a little over a year, and u have helped me alot, especially last year, when I was upset over everything with Johnny.  You put a smile on my face when I didn't think there was anything left to smile about.  You made me realize that I don't have to be a super model to look good, I really appreciate that, I am so thankful that I met u!  I hope we can stay friends for a long time!  Thanks for all that u have done for me! To anyone else I forgot to mention, I want u to know that I appreciate u being in my life!  I love all of u!!
This one is to Sherice...I just want to say thanks for letting Johnny see the real u so he would realize who he really should be, if you wouldn't have been such a bitch, it might have taken longer for us to be together so thanks for showing the real u!!! :)

U all have helped me in some way, whether it was giving advice or just being there for me to vent to, and u all mean the world to me.  I hope each one of u realize what special people you are!  With love always...Sonja

made especially by: ME!!!!