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Some of My Fav Sayings
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These are just some saying that I seen and liked and thought I would share with you, hope you like them too!! :)

~*East to the sea, west to the land, death to the b*tch that touches my man!*~
~*Im playa of the year, pimpette of the season, he left u and Im the reason!*~
~*If your nice you can call me sweetie, if your sweet you can call me honey, if your hot, you can call me tonight*~
~*A peach is a peach, a plum is a plum, a kiss isnt a kiss without some tongue*~
~*Remember my name, remember my face, cuz there aint no other honey that can take my place*~
~*With a hug and a kiss, this little QT is out like this*~
~*If your being naughty, go to your room, if you wanna BE  naughty, go to mine*~

~*Don't hate me cuz Im beautiful, hate me becuz your boyfriend thinks so too*~
~*God made coke, God made pepsi, God made JOHNNY so dayum sexxy!!*~ :)
~*Im sugar and spice and everything nice, so mess with me, u best think twice*~
~*Dont call me goddess, dont call me queen, just call me the cutest princess you've ever seen*~
~*Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me beautiful, what the hell happened to you*~
~*See my halo, bright and shiny, mess with me, I'll kick your hiney*~
~*Eat me, beat me, bite me, blow me, suck me, fuck me..very slowly. If you kiss don't be sassy, use your tongue and make it nasty!!!*~

~*Put the ones you love in circles, not hearts, cuz hearts can break but circles go on forever*~
~*A memory last forever, never does it die. True friends stick together, and never say goodbye*~
~*I believe in angels, the kind that Heaven sends. Im surrounded by angels, I call them best friends*~

~*Friends are the family we choose for ourselves*~
~*I may be away, but even when we're apart, distance can never change the love I have for u in my heart*~
~*Kiss me in the light, love me in the dark, hold me til the end, and I promise I won't break your heart*~
~*Don't frown, you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile*~

These are just some of the sayings I like!  I really hope that you like some of these too.  If you have any that are not up there that you would like me to add, please go to the contact page and email me the sayings and I would be happy to add them!! Thanx

made especially by: ME!!!!