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More Photos

Here are some more pictures of my family!!



This is one of my 'sisters', Stephanie.  We call her Steph or Stephie though.  She is 18 almost 19! I have only known her a little while but she has become so much more than a friend. She is funny, sweet and very helpful watching my kids for me!!!



This is my little sis.  She is 18 and just joined the army in July!  I am so proud of her and what she is doing with her life!!  She is a total Spongebob freak and has turned both of my girls into it too!


Carlos, Jose Jr. and Keagan

These are Katie's little boys, my nephews.  Carlos is 6, Jose Jr. is 1 1/2 and Keagan is 4.  They all love sports as you can see and playing with cars and trucks.  Keagan loves spiderman, and Carlos likes him too.  Jose just loves to get into anything his little hands can get!


Katie and Monica

This is another one of my sisters, Katie and her daughter Monica.  Katie is 25 and Monica is almost 8.  Katie is a hairstylest.  Monica is into the Bratz dolls and looking stylish!

made especially by: ME!!!!